Are You a Balti? ibibo Says That You Are

Have you seen ibibo’s commercials, the balti thing? Personally i think they are crappy without much concept but then that’s just me.

A bomb squad trying to defuse a bomb, a lady sick of her husbands photo collection… in both commercials the key person is called a balti, if you think about it for a sec, everyone does not have answer to everything in life and hence ibibo would call them a balti. I think this is more of an insult than anything else.

So what is a bomb squad guys supposed to do in a potentially deadly situation? Well… ibibo wants him to go on the internet, then log on to their website and then ask the “experts” the question. By the time he gets a decent reply half a city block would have been blown away.

If this is what is called being creative in advertising, I would rather watch a boring advertisement which would make some sense to me.

To top it all, I happened to visit an office complex in Gurgaon which also had ibibo’s office. I was surprised to find 2 red balties placed opposite each other just at the entry of the office. So I guess ibibo is a balti too.. two times over 😉

3 Responses to “Are You a Balti? ibibo Says That You Are”

  1. you are right man.there is no sense in that advertisement.poor work.

  2. Well dnt get so practical in everythng u see….AD’s are always an exaggerated form of the real practical the Five Star cadbury AD u see half of the person consuming it vanishing..well really things like this happen or wat?but the fact they are showing is dat “Khathe khathe aadmi gayab ho jaye..” and in dey AD dey r showing the most exagerated form to show the this normaly all ADs follow the most exaggerated form to get the viewers an impact of the product..

  3. Dude! No matter what your ‘cribb’ is, towards the end of your post, by using that ‘balti’ line on ibibo itself — YOU ARE propagating the use of ‘balti’ as a euphemism for ‘dumbass/not-happening people’. That’s exactly what ibibo would have wanted. OOPS! You bit their bait! 🙂