Vodafone Lifelong Prepaid

When someone advertises that a particular service is lifelong does it mean the validity is only for the next 5 years? Yes! This is the fine line which people usually do not read till after they have paid for a mobile connection.

Check out the fine print for the Vodafone Rs. 199 Lifelong Prepaid.

– To keep yourself mobile, all you need to do is recharge with Rs 200, every 6 months.
– The license period on the offer is valid till 29.11.2014

This is not the first time Vodafone played with words.

2 Responses to “Vodafone Lifelong Prepaid”

  1. I don’t remember the source where I read it, but a couple of years back TRAI struck down on cellular service provider that promised to give lfetime offers. TRAI’s stand was that cellular operators can’t promise connection till beyond thier license expiry. So if Vodafone’s license as a service provider ends on 29th November 2014, any promise beyond it is illegal and legally unenforceable. This made the cellular operators change their offer promises to include an end date. I believe you will notice that the end date remains fixed. However, I find it unethical for these companies to keep promising with the word “lifelong”, when it clearly isn’t the life of either the consumer or the company, but the company’s license to operate as a service provider. The clause of Rs. 200 recharge every six months also falls under deceptive marketing.

  2. Absolutely Ambuj, even though the TRAI has clearly started that such false advertising is not accepted but companies carry on fooling people. In a country where Supreme Courts orders are disregarded, what stand does TRAI have!