Living the Ravan Raj

We belong to the land where people believe in forgiveness and the greater goodness of everyone. Honestly, this policy has worked against the land and its people for a long long time now. Somehow people forget that we are living in age of Kalyug where the country is run by many Ravanas… i.e. Politicians / Mafia / and people like Raju. These Ravanas can go to any lengths for personal gain even if it means stepping over the future of others.

How have they become so powerful and fearless? The reason is us, we have let them become what they are by not punishing their acts, by forgiving and offering them a second chance. Why can’t we put an end to this endless cycle of destruction? Punish the guilty in an extreme manner that no other would dare repeat the crime again!

Raju’s has summoned 25 lawyers from the pits of hell to defend him and to get him bail. How can courts even hear a bail plea and why? What Raju has done is a heinous crime which has affected thousands of employees and lakhs of shareholders. He has robbed, lied, deceived and cheated people of their earnest money. How can such a person be allowed to roam free.

Knowing my great country… he will be forgiven, will pay a certain amount as bail bond and eventually be let off as soon as the media hype dies down. Raju will spend the rest of his life abroad where he will enjoy his billions while laughing at people who lost everything to him.

…all the while India awaits another scam to surface!

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