Sensors at Traffic Signals

I read this article on HT by Abhishek Bhalla this morning and was NOT at all surprised at lame ideas which our government keeps coming up with. I agree that sensors have been successful in western countries but that does not mean that they would show the same results in India too. For one, most of the Indian drivers are not Educated Drivers, what i mean by an educated driver is one who respects and follows the traffic rules which are laid out to keep everyone safe on the road. A person driving wearing a seat belt simply because he/she does not want to be caught by a traffic cop is not an educated driver as safety is not his/her priority. People who value Rs. 100 more then their/others lives should not be allowed on the roads.

Like i mentioned above, most of the people driving are uneducated drivers and do not know how to drive. The reason is that, most of them have not learnt driving professionally and don’t know the basic of road manners. I don’t think sensors would help in anyway when some people by nature think that traffic signals are like chandeliers at home, which just server 2 purpose, 1.. Look pretty 2.. Light up the area.

Ok… even if the drivers obey rules and the sensors are installed, who is there to stop the traffic lights from loosing power? We have seen so many traffic lights not working so what would be the point of having sensors installed without proper power supply?

Just like you cannot build a multistory building without a stable foundation, the same way there will be no point of making things high-tech without education the people first.

Have a look at a video i made at a stop light a month back. If this is the state of a traffic light, god only know what the sensors would have to go throught 😉

Sensors at Traffic Signals

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