TOI Pune in The Pits!

Got this cribb from Deepali, who is an avid reader of TOI but is sorry to see the state in which TOI Pune edition is.

Hi i was actually wanting to write to the Editor of Pune TOI and searching for an address when i came across your site and saw the quick reply it got from the Meerut TOI crib so i am trying my luck.

My crib is not personal but more about the paper. I have been reading TOI for as long as i remember reading newspapers and luv the Mumbai TOI. However i shifted to Lonavala about a year back and have no option but to read the Pune TOI and this papers really is the pits. It frustrates me no end that TOI can do such shabby work on any edition. Mumbai – Pune happen to be almost like twin cities with a fair amount of people traveling between it on a daily basis but the TOI news takes 24 hrs and more to travel and get published in Pune. So what u read in Mumbai today will be dished out tomorrow in the Pune edition. Mind you not the headlines on the front page, but at least 50 % of the other articles.

I am an avid reader of the cartoons and Page 3 (like many others i am sure) and the cartoons in Pune plus are repeated so often that its no use going to that page. Page 3 in Pune plus has articles printed with no details of where the event took place, Mumbai or Pune or god knows where! and initially i thought i must be reading same news in different newspapers when i read same articles on 2 consecutive days but today is the heights. On the 5th Page of today’s TOI Pune, Saturday 10th May 2008 there is an article- “Four Arrested for murder” and the same article is printed again on Page 9 at the bottom “Four Held for murder”- Word to word the same accept for the last para which is an addition !!!

Really Mr. Editor your team at Pune needs an overhaul or do you think that Pune readers don’t deserve the same services and quality of news? Or better still have u got a job with a rival newspaper and just working here for Sabotage!! Well I am passionate about my news and if nothing changes at TOI i always have the option of switching loyalties which i will have to exercise.

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  1. Dear Editor Pune TOI
    It would be great to hear ur side of the story, if any !