Thats Self Defence For You!

Saw this pic on the Ministry of Defence website, the caption below the photographs read…

Power punch: Girls participating in a Self-Defence Training Workshop for women organised by AFWWA (Regional) at Senior NCOs Mess, HQ Western Air Command, Subroto Park, Delhi. Inaugurated by Mrs Priya Singh, President, AFWWA (Regional), the 15-day workshop was conducted by two instructors from Crime Against Women Cell of the Delhi Police

Self Defence Training For Delhi Girls

If you call that a power punch, be prepared to attend to a broken wrist!

A few things I could not help but notice…

1) Look at the red circles I have marked, that’s not at all the right position in Karate, looks more like a half hearted effort.

2) If this was a 15 day workshop, then I would assume the girls would be in a proper Karate dress, and not in fancy jeans and t-shirts.

3) If the instructions are so bad, I can only imagine how bad the instructors are considering that the instructors are from Delhi Police. Which explains a lot!

6 Responses to “Thats Self Defence For You!”

  1. true the thumb should never be curled in…also the knuckles point skywards..they should be straight..the fore finger knuckle and ring finger knuckle would transmit a karate blow…just that two inces of bone comes in contact…forget about the punch …what about the basic stance..Heiko dachi… feet should be shoulder level distance apart….

  2. In my view instead of karrate delhi girls should be given a training of boxing. By learning boxing they become atacking. Karrate
    is the art of self defense and now days girls should not be defensive they must know how to attack. Moreover Boxing workout makes them more fit and bulid up stamina. I himself know some punches of boxing and associated with a reputed karrate club of delhi. I have seen many karrate tournaments and also watched boxing fights and in my view boxing is far much better than so called these karrate.

  3. Karrate tells only techniques and weak points of human body that’s it.
    But in real world only techniques alone are not useful if you don’t have power and stamina.But in boxing you learn techniques with well equiqped scintific instruments and bulid your stamina by doing jim and doing various cardilogical exercises like skipping running which are absent in karrate training.Though now a days some karrate people go to jim but this is not part of your training.A boxer girl can knockout any eve teaser only in one single punch.If she practice boxing regularly and sophisticadly.Though karrate girl has to struggle for a while.

  4. Hi,
    Can any one plz suggest me some good institute where i can learn martial arts.

  5. It is very bad situtation in teaching of modern martial arts like karate, judo, etc, eventhough the instructors who are hodling the black belt. Still I am still doubt on capabilities of Indian Martial Artsts,if you ask any master about indian martial arts forms. A few artists know. We always welcoming news arts in a new forms. Why don’t develop our traditional martial arts like Kalarippayat, Silambam, etc. Kalarippayat called as mother of martial arts. Complete martial science involved in this art. My request is please try to develop our nations arts not imported.

  6. it is nice