Most of the Time People are Not Happy!

In my recent poll I asked a very simple question… “Most of the time I am…” and everyone had to choose only one answer from various situations, e.g. A Happy Person, Thinking, Confused, Rebel, Caring etc.

Out of 55 people who participated in this web poll only…

36% said they were A Happy Person.
18% said they were Thinking most of the time.
13% said that they were Confused quite a lot.
9% said that they felt Restless.
7% of the people were Emotional quite a lot
Another 7% were mostly Hungry.
5% were Careless.
2% thought themselves as Rebels.
and only 1% were Strong Headed most of the day.

Honestly I was NOT surprised to see only 36% people happy, with the sinking economy, people losing their jobs and an overall feeling of insecurity how can everyone be happy.

At the same time, we being pessimistic will not change this situation… yes… maybe for the worse but if try and be positive, things could just work out in unexpected ways!

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