Money Down the Drain… sorry, Yamuna

It’s no secret that I don’t like the MCD, I have written so many articles on MCD that I must be on their most wanted list by now. The reason for my bickering is that the Municipal Commission has wasted thousands of crores of the tax payers money in the past so many years and there has not been any accounting for it.

MCD still manages to find new and innovative ways of wasting money…

Excerpt is taken from HT epaper

Even after spending Rs 674 crore on Yamuna Action Plan I, the level of pollution in the river Yamuna has remained the same. However, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is confident that, by 2012, it would have cleaned the Yamuna by 80 per cent.

To make sure that the Yamuna Action Plan II (YAP II) is implemented in a better manner, the MCD has launched an interactive website to create awareness about the project and to involve the people too. Under YAP-II, the civic agency will spend Rs 34.6 crore out of the total budget of Rs 624 crore.

The funny part is that they did not even mention the website on the newspaper and when I tried to googling it, I could not find it anywhere… this does not surprise me anymore, in fact if I had found their website then it would have been a big surprise.

I think MCD should be privatised… does anyone agree with me?

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  1. yes i agree with you