Tata Photon Plus Introduces Photon TV

Tata Photon TV

If you are one of those who are addicted to your TV set and would like to watch your favorite serial / movie on the go then Tata Photon Broadband TV could be the solution for your… but like everything in this world… it comes with a catch, be prepared to pay though your nose.

Below are the charges details which i copied from Tata Photon’s website. The important thing to remember is that you will be charged as per your plan even while you are watching TV online and not surfing. Unless you have a plan which gives your tons of GB bandwidth, be prepared to pay extra per MB usage. Unlike browsing website, watching TV consumes lot of bandwidth, could be 2 MB per minute. You can easily exceed your bandwidth quota in just a few hours of TV watching. So be very sure what you are getting into before you get slapped with a insane bill amount.

Single Channel : @ Rs. 4 per month.
My 10 : Combination of 10 channels @ Rs 29 per month.
My Full Pack : All channels @Rs75 per month.
These rates doesn’t include charges for special events like cricket matches etc.

Browsing charges as per your Photon+ tariff plan would be applicable while viewing Photon TV. These charges would be over and above the subscription charges for the Photon TV. (approximate data usage is 1-2MB per Min).

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