My new Apple MacBook Pro

I have been a PC guy for over 20 years, been using it from my school days… well back then Mac’s were ridiculously expensive and with no service and support, there was not enough reason to buy it. Since the last couple weeks I had wanted to change my laptop as my current Acer Aspire 5610 which had Windows Vista was running too slow for the applications I was using. Even though it had 2GB ram still the performance was way below mark and it had taken a shape of a desktop because the batteries did not have any backup time on them and had to be constantly plugged to a power source.

So when I started looking, Mac was not even on my radar. I was so used to PC that changing operating systems was like changing a lifestyle. Of course the comparison holds true because it is quite like it. I went though every brand of notebook, from HP, Compaq to Sony, Toshiba and Dell but nothing impressed me. I finally made a compromise and was about to pick up a Compaq.. the reason was that it was cheaper than the others on a similar config and it was decent looking. Sony is not worth the money as apart from style, you pretty much get nothing… I tested the system and even though it was on the new Windows 7 operating system with a 3 GB ram, it still felt slower than my Acer. Dell was a solid contender (Inspiron 14, Studio 14) and when I checked them at the Nehru Place Dell showroom I was dropped the idea as they were plain ugly.

Last week when I was at the Saket DLF Mall where they have an Apple Imagine showroom on the ground floor, I had look at the new MacBook and the MacBook Pro. It was love at first sight. All my apprehensions’s seem to fade away. The new MacBook was very nice, with white unibody and sleek looks and for a price tag which was cheaper than a Sony (Rs. 56,000) and the configuration was the same as the MacBook Pro, which had a few more features. The built in camera was awesome and the mic and speakers were delightful.

I went back home torn if I should by the Mac and have a complete lifestyle change… I am a windows guy and I have been seeing the blue screen for ages now but was not sure if I would be able to work on a Mac just as easy as I was on a PC. In a rather impulse decision I went back to the Apple showroom and picked up the MacBook Pro… it was like now or never 🙂

As I am sitting on my bed on a satruday afternoon, I am happy about 2 things… One that I made the right decision and Two, I am happy to work on my laptop without wires running across the room in search of a power source.

Sure there are many thing that you need to learn to do or learn to do them different on a Mac but then life is all about change and adapting to a new environment and I have been told by everyone who switched to make… Once you move to Mac, you will never look back.

4 Responses to “My new Apple MacBook Pro”

  1. Hey…nice to hear you moved to Mac. After using it for a while, how does it feel? Can you list the advantages of Mac..and how was the transition from windows to mac 😉

  2. Saurabh, using the MacBook is actually quite simple… the was hardly any learning curve and now i don’t think i will go back to windows ever. The simplicity of things is evident from the first time you start using the laptop. Overall it is a very good buy. I think you will be happy after you make the switch from windows.

  3. wot is this thing about working without wires? please elaborate. i use dell inspiron 1525, and am happy with it too. but having read ur post, I feel there are some things i ought to add to my knowledge base.

  4. @ Amar: The battery life on Mac is much better than windows and hence you can work without your power source attached to it!!