I am not a SBI Customer! Thank God!

I am getting sick of the State Bank of India’s advertising campaign. Initially when the concept was new, it was interesting but then they started dragging the concept and I started ignoring the ads… now the situation gone out of hand, they are still dragging the same load and it has got on my nerve.

They have killed the campaign by taking it too far.

State Bank of India

One Response to “I am not a SBI Customer! Thank God!”

  1. All the banks almost behave in similar fashion with their customoers.The top management authority launches advertisment for attaracting common man to avail their services of bank and derive the benefit of their schemes framed on guidelines of govt/RBI. They hardly look into the details of implementaion process at ground level for even their satisfaction Had it been true in letter and spirit, and not bleived on middle level officers reports things would have been quite different then what is to day.The norms,advt.,practice culture is different than what is advertised or advocated by bankers/executive.The complaint system/ grivence redderasal forum are good for nothing for common–they exposes the common man to fight with wrongs of banking organisation and becoms an identified negative custommer of the bank branch. The adoption of deceptive sale/services policy in banking system has disappointed the common man but he has no choice left over.