May God Help India

Open letter to all the politicians who do more damage to this country everyday than poring rain on Delhi roads. When you guys are done with attending parties and inaugurating meaning less functions, I would like you to answer a few questions for me.

Q1. Why is it that every year when it rains, the roads are flooded and badly damaged?

Q2. Why is it that ever after year there is a shortage of water and electricity?

Q3. Why is it that you cannot provide clean water to drink and that we have to go buy water purifiers for 1000’s of rupees in the market… should you not be compensation us for this? The same can be said for invertors… there would have been no need for them had we been getting proper electricity supply.

Q4. Why is it that you have built waste garbage collectors on side the main roads so it stinks when it rains and every thing spills out on the road?

Q5. Why do we have to deal with pathetic people in government offices who are there just to pass time and not to work?

Q6. Why is that even after 50+ years of independence we still have the same people ruling the country taking turns to do as much damager as they can… Shouldn’t there be a retiring age for politicians?

To people reading this post, feel free to ask you questions below in the comment box.

2 Responses to “May God Help India”

  1. 1. to swim
    2. becoz we only know how to waste
    3. new ways to earn income
    4. there is no place so they put on the roads
    5. if we complain also they do not listen
    6. these bullshit politicians sucks our country’s money

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