Strange Ways of MCD

Sumit sent me this cribb and he brings up a very good point, i too have traveled many time on the M.G road to Gurgaon and apart from the demolished structures which are a big eyesore they are equally dangerous.

It is a matter of grave concern that the structures, so fondly ‘demolished’ by MCD on the M.G. road from South Delhi to Gurgaon, stand as a threat to the passerby’s and daily commuters. What MCD did was to break those parts of the buildings that were encroaching on the MCD property and suddenly came the big chaos between the businessmen and MCD, and the sealing drive was put on hold by the Delhi high court.

What stays there at site are large skeletons & structures, shaky, with their foundations giving away and the roofs & floors gradually collapsing. While the tens of thousands of unaware / ignorant passerby’s & travelers commute daily, few might have noticed that the dilapidated structures can fall on the road any day. Come monsoons and the weak skeletons of these buildings are likely to collapse and might result in major casualties. As it is, these half demolished multi storied structures are ideal sites for crime… Murder, rape, extortion… anything is possible at these sites.

Its high time MCD & Delhi High Court should take notice of the situation & demolish these crumbling structures completely to ensure they no longer remain Accidents in waiting for the general public at large.

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