My Phone is Better Than iPhone

iPhone 3G in India Many people who were desperately awaiting the launch of iPhone in India have lost their sleep after the prices of the iPhone were announced. Priced at Rs. 30,000-35,000 for their 8GB and 16GB models, who would not get jitters?

Yes, iPhone looks pretty but does is have the brain to match the beauty. You can be the judge by reading the specifications of iPhone. Just to give you a small idea… for all that price you get a lousy 2MP camera which does not even have an auto focus. Touch screen makes things easy but keep a cloth to wipe the screen every time you use it. It has the latest 3G facility which is a featue of high end Nokia phones too but what good is it if there is no service for the 3G feature.

Moreover Airtel and Vodafone are the only 2 players who are launching the iPhone, no wonder they are charging a good premium at launch. If you really want the iPhone and don’t want to pay that high, then wait for a couple months… Diwali could bring the prices down drastically.

As for the title of my article… Well I use the Nokia E71 which I got for Rs. 20,000. Though it lacks a wide touch screen, it has a lot more features than the iPhone and unlike iPhone which every other person would have shortly, my phone is still exclusive! 🙂

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