India the Land of Scams

Barkha Dutt of NDTV was exposed by OPEN Magazine lobbying for political party, while in conversation with Nira Radia. View this video and also check the related videos on youtube.. just horrifies me to know that media / politics / lobbyist have f***** this country.

One Response to “India the Land of Scams”

  1. The govt system works in a pipe line for public.The administerative and financial manipulations carried out by the govt officials are less than 10% of the total staff.But unfortunatly 90% aware of gross manipulations but cannot be whistle blowers because no rule support them in the name of conduct/discipline enshrined in the hierarchy.over the years manipulation becomes scames.The audit/CAG which conducts audit in each financial year for the functional health of govt offices and department failed.The 20-30 years records shows that govt had spent much on these body than in return they could help govt to imrove functioning or detcting wrongs of the system.In fact Audit role is deviated from the original role conceived for.Audit now act as a POLICE INSPECTOR to find fault of the subordinate officers with a view to get them punished in lieu of system bottlenecks.Further they are aware that no payment could be made in any department without the scruitney of bill by accounts functionary and finance authority but the blame is never put on the either by audit/CAG.Govt money and energy is wasted in fighting cases of seniority,promotion,pension with govt servants for want of proper report from AUDIT/CAG.In fact AUDIT and CAG are the responsible for help thriving the corruption and scames in the Govt sector.Unfortunatly no body blame them,they take their full salary and in order to justifye their work and existence for expansion promotion of their department petty issues like proceduralwork,minor mistakes etc is given big weightage by them.How much Govt has been benifitted in terms finance and efficiency of a department over the years by induction of regular audit is a big quistion?.There is a phrase in hindi ‘ULTA CHOR KOTWAAL KO DATE’,Audit should give the actual repot on bottlenecs of funds and other things noticed by them in the pipeline coming in the way of achievement of aims and objectives of the govt schemes and programmes efficiently.Audit objective is to find fault with a view to terrorise govt servant/office or department for vested interest but not to share to improve govt functioning in a pragmatic way with the available resources in the department.Make things transparent but not tailor made transparent.