Instant Money Order Service by India Post

Iinstant money transfer service by India PostIndia Post has launched a new service for customers wanting to remit money within India. Their advertising is a bit misleading though as they advertise “Nothing is more instant in the world than INDIA POST’S instant money order. The instant online money transfer that gives you speed and mobility. Just to clarify, you will not be able to send money online though the internet; you will still have to go to one of the IMO branches to send money to your near and dear ones.

Below are some of the details of the service, for more info you would need to visit their website

– India Post presents Instant Money Order (iMO), the instant on-line money transfer service that is instant, convenient,reliable and affordable.

– IMO is an instant web based money transfer service through Post Offices (iMO Centre) in India between two resident individuals in Indian territory.

– You can transfer money from Rs.1,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- from designated iMO Post Offices.

iMO Booking Procedure

Fill up the “To Remit Payment” (TRP-1) form and submit it with money at iMO Post Office Counter.

iMO Counter clerk after booking the iMO immediately will give a printed receipt with computer generated confidential 16 digit iMO number in a sealed condition. Even the 16 digit iMO number will not be known to booking clerk.

Customer is required to tear off the seal and convey the confidential 16 digit iMO number to the receiver over phone, SMS, e-mail, etc. at his means and risk.

iMO Delivery Procedure

Receiver to present the 16 digit iMO number at any designated iMO post office counter and will fill up and submit a “To Make Payment” (TMP-1) form along with a copy of his personal identity proof.

Receiver can receive the payment in cash upto Rs.50,000. He can also receive the payment through his post office savings bank account in the same iMO office.

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