BJP Launches Its Own Email System

Here’s the joke. Most of the Bharatiya Janata Party members do not know how to log on to the internet, let alone use an email or the advance features being described on the newly implemented system.

Below is article taken from Hindustan Times

The BJP is in hitech mode. The saffron party on Saturday became the country’s first political party to launch its own email system, which boasts of advance tools like instant messaging, video conferencing and IP faxing. While the message of the party leadership needs to flow down to the cadres, there is also a need to ensure unfiltered feedback from those working at the grassroots, BJP President Rajnath Singh said.

3 Responses to “BJP Launches Its Own Email System”

  1. Would be a bit more helpful if you linked to the original article!

  2. Neha, the reason why i can’t link to the original article is coz they are not on the HT website directly but on their epaper website which cannot be linked.

  3. I want to suggest one issue in your election agenda, which is a vote bank.