Hoping to See a Positive Change in India

Though i was not supporting any party this elections, i was a bit against BJP. I am so glad that BJP fell on their face after their 250 cr campaign by L.K Advani. If India has to change, it has to be youth leading India and not some 81 year old great grandpa whos ultimate aim in life was to become the PM and not to do anything for the country.

With Congress in power, i would like to see Rahul Gandhi take lead and take major steps to change this country. Things will get clear only after a few months when we see some real progress happening but despite all odds India has survived thus far… what is a few more months?

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  1. Funny………..you made sweeping statements that Mr Advani the 81 yr old gentlemans only ambition was to be a PM and DO NOTHING FOR THE COUNTRY ?????? how do you know he wasnt going to do anything?????? any way you sound like some teenager, who forms his opinion based on VIEWS yeppp VIEWS (you can hardly cal that news) of english sold out media house like Hindustan times, CNN-IBN, Sardesais and barkha ilk…..

    hh fyi if I am not mistaken our current PM is Manmohan singh…right who happens to be 76 years old??? and the world knows he gets his direct orders from a 60+ Italian lady????? so where is youth????

    If you think 39 year OLD Rahul “silver spoon” baba is the future and should be the torch bearer and be the PM ………..my question is WHY???????? all I know about him is that

    1) He is born in the “GANDHY” clan (Indiras husband was a GHANDHY and not a GANDHI)

    2) ??????????

    SO if you are less than 60-80 and born in gandhy family does that automatically makes you PM material?????????

    HA-HA…Indian democracy is a joke (ohh btw MM singh didnt even contest the eection not this time not last time)………….and its people with sychophantic people and blind peole like you …….who have helped these corrupt power mongers takes the entire country on a ride……if you can forget all those bomb blasts and 26/11 that took place last year and worse still coutrys feeble response to them (http://chellaney.spaces.live.com/?_c11_BlogPart_pagedir=Next&_c11_BlogPart_handle=cns!4913C7C8A2EA4A30!1030&_c11_BlogPart_BlogPart=blogview&_c=BlogPart) ………….shameless …………….excuse me but in the last term of this current govt . I didnt see ONE good thing happening these guys are spineless and corrupt , sychophants……………and if you think “THE NUCLEAR DEAL”(which the govt has been trumpetting than yu must read the fine print—– http://chellaney.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!4913C7C8A2EA4A30!1027.entry)

    wake and smell the coffee my brother…………………

    Jai Hind.

  2. Amit, there are 2 kind of politicians in India, the bad and the worst. I consider MM Singh as bad and LK Advani as worse. Yes! i blog and comment as per my views and opinions and that’s what blogging is about. Please take a note on the kind of issues LK Advani raised in the elections. A day when the sugar prices went up, the next day there was a big advertisement in the paper with LK Advani’s Photo and the lines read, we will bring the prices down. The last time i check, the prices are governed by the market forces and not by any individual and regulating prices is one thing, slashing them completely brings about undesirable changes to other things. I don’t care if Rahul is a Gandhy or Gandhi, i am confident that he will in the future take India to new heights. If LK Advani wanted to do help the country so much, they resign after loosing the elections. For a person who want to do good for the country loosing elections should not matter, he still held a very powerful position. Yes i voted for congress! and apparently many ppl did the same and that they Congress is in power. I as a single person could be wrong but this powerful mandate by the people of India cannot be wrong. As for calling Sonia Gandhi a 60 year old lady, its all cool and i am sure she is proud of the fact that she is the most powerful 60 year old women in this country. For what she has done for India, i bet no other India origin women would have done. It is just plain wrong to be sexist, this is why India is where it is today… we need to change this mentality. How does it matter if India is ruled under a women or a man as long is it is run efficiently?

  3. Wo-wo-wo wait a sec bro..dont you go about telling me that what I wrote was sexist……………please read carefuly it was not about a woman ruling or a man ruling us heck MMS is ruling us and I personally think a PM who has to take orders from un-official powerhouse and be -all and end all is worse than an ENUCH who does not have balls to even contest an election so much so for democracy …but thats not the point I wouldnt even mind a real biological enuch heading the nation..as long as its based on that persons work not by his family name, not because that person is GORA, not becuase that person is considered a harmless chicken and hence being allowed to be the PM by the FAMILY are we living in democracy or NEPTOISM??????????

    What makes you so confident Rahul baba of yours would be great what has he done so far??????? except being born to Gandhis???? why does a common YOUNG WORKER of congress I get an oppurtunity why does only ble blood gets it in COngress???? case n point besides Rahul baba are Joytir scindia baba, pilot baba……..ok they are young so ???????

    Please dont dilute the issues raised by me all I questioned was on what basis do you think I should vote for the most powerful Italian indian bella ???????? she a ganndhi thats why??? she a White thats why???? plese go back and read history when she took over Sitaram kesri she did so cause Congress was in tatters and these sycophants could not decide on a leader………..and a GANDHI SURNAME WAS ENOUGH TO COMMAND TO HER WHIP……..

    You taking digs at issue of sugar cane ??? did you red bjps manifesto???? did you read their IT vision???? dont you think India has been plundered in the last 4 years with numerous terror attacks????? an are yu staisfied with the responce ???????? do you not agree we are a soft target?????? and in the end what the govt does is MINORITY appease ment instead of booking the culprits????? dont you think congress uses even issues like terrorism to consolidtae their votebanks by appeasement??????

    BJP raised numreous issues and what has this sychophantic bunch been doing?????? tell me when you made the statement that I HAVE FULL CONFIDENCE IN RAHUL— how woud you support this statement????? factually?????????? tell me why does sombody who has toiled and performed for congress or any party for tat matter does not deserve the PM chair and only someone with bue blood automatically becomes a heir?????? what are we living in some monarchy???????

    Why has Sonia gandhi as you have cliamed become the mst powerful women in India>>>???? did she uplift the poor????? did she not misused the power???????? were mps not bought by her ? in cash for vote scam???? does the fact that we Indians (historically and oterwise) have had a dubious record of always fighting amongst each other only to hand over power to a FORIEGNER cause we cant decide amongst ourself????? does she not enjoy power without accountabiity
    ????????? why did she accept to go to China with her kin during olympics when PM should have been there???????????????????????????

    oh lastly India is where it is today cause of SYCHOPHANTS and ill informed, divded peope like you and not me sir……….mind you …………you do reek of poor information as far as politics go……………and you sound like what the local leaders would have sounded like when they praised and gifted the power to Mughals and britisheres cause they were too blind to see who is who????????

    Last govt gave us the maximum number of TERROR attacks, ZERO terrerist executed while 1000s Indians died ………..maximum infalteion which goes unbated, corruption in media, gifting PADAMSHRESS to sardesais and burkha dutss so that they can continue t kiss cngi ass, cash for saving the govt, 26/11, maximum job losses ………I can contine but the question is are you open to listen to any of it ………….????

    Jai Hind

  4. Hey Amit… thanks for the reply and i can understand your point of view, i really want to answer you but right now i am stuck with something important, i hope to get back to you on this in a couple days.

  5. I appreciate your time on this please understand my bigger hope or aim is to see betterment of my country and my people…..and being idealist…..at times makes you passionate………so nothing personal buddy…….aim is to think out loud….not pontficate…


    P.S.- If and whenever you get time please read this article you just might enjoy this post-


  6. I fully understand your passion, after all the bottom line is we are trying to improve our country. I will surely read the article and get back to you. Thanks

  7. Amit, that was a very interesting article, the article was neutral enough to make things very clear from both BJP and Congress perspective. If you haven’t read this already, I would advice you to go though this link http://cribb.in/dont-vote-for-people-who-will-ruin-india.htm and read the “Advani the party man” article. Also if you look at the poll archives http://cribb.in/poll-archives?poll_page=2 it is very suprising to see that there was a tie between the 2 PM candidates.

  8. Honour to those whose words are deeds, BJP faild miserably on record when it was in power in centre.Manmohan singh PM,in the companey of Left party(CPI,CPM)in fact was doing superb and would do best in future also.Congress is a old party but never delivered the goods so good in history when it remained in power in the past as it did in combination with left. So dont forget the honest contribution of the left with whose efforts common man is recognised by the ruling party. Implementing 6th pay commission,RTI, maintining GPF intrest rate 8%,security and boost to Nationalise Banks,retarding the privitisation process,revival of psu etc etc would never been on record with out left’s foresightedness by congress leadership rather it would have blindly opted privitisation policy process shown by BJP regime unfortunatly our PM appeared fully influenced at that point of time. Thanks to threats of left which succeded in reviewing the ruling govt to their stands in public intrest.So think before twice to give sole authority to any party you have experinced their rule in intrest of common man(left party view-cmp)

  9. Prashant………..I did read that article…..but my question to you is this…….did you answer any of my questions in the earleir posts?????? See the fact is you just havent justified the UPA s last stint there is nothing at all that you can push forward can you ?????? I lll give you more examples…..since The numerous bomb blasts and terror attcks does not seem to bother us voters………..have you ever bought apples recently I bet you can find apples less that 120 / kg…and they will mostly be australian (yepp teh same CURRY BASHERS) or American apples …..the normal yellow dal is 75 / kg????????? you probably wont believ me….I woukld request you to visit the nearest departmental store……..
    SO if you havent given me security, no econ respite……you (MMS) dont contest an election prefer to get in through backdoors and allow you rself to look and act like a mere puppet of……….Sonia , you do nothing when Sri lankans dont listen to you , neither do Neplese nor Banglas=deshis and forget abt Pakistanins or Chineese,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you do nothing at all to nab terroirists………you dont care abt Assam and teh demographic changes there…..infact (Congress supports bangladeshi Muslims to get ibn a live in India especiially assam cause tehy help in creating VOTEbanks …………how do you expect me to REspect a PRIME MINION………….like him……..as far as Advani goes read his autoboigraphy he has given hi entire life ever since he was a teen to the social cause……….teh book is really FAT so why dont you just visit his blog and read his page on wiki instead?????????

    I dont care what age you are .what I care about is how Patraotic you are???????? if you want to lead me………..I am afraid…MMS is just a smartypants who does not mind puckering up to remain a PM till watever time he can manage……….he knows it and we all know it its gonna go to Rahull baba sooner than later…….

  10. Amit, honestly i do not have all the answers to your questions. Like i said before, i have my opinions which at times are not backed by statistics of other data. Opinions are based on a personal feeling and thats what this country has done in this elections. If all the thing you have opinted out are true, which very well could be then looks like the Indian voter still choose to over look all the data and decided to stick with Congress. Like i said before, i think every political party his currupt and will make alies with anyone if they think it will get them in power. Honestly there is no political party which has put the people first and their own agendas later and that is why most of the parties cannot come good upon most of their pre poll promises. Again, i am not taking any sides, if u ask me i will say that all parties are bad and if given a chance i would like to take over the country and set evryone right 🙂