Fraud Companies on the Rise!

Cribb sent in by Neelam. I am sure this must have happend to others as well, please leave a comment below to advice not just Neelam but all of us on how not to get into this trap in the first place and if someone was conned, what could they do to fight back.

This is to narrate an incident which I would have never belived if not happened to me. My dad has recently retired from Army and is looking for a fresh start, there was an interview add posted on News paper, the company Tata Company Limited which we thought very reliable and trust-worthy, dad deposited 1800 Rs. as registration amount to the acc. no. given after speaking to the person. and Came to Gaziabad on Sunday for the scheduled interview (They are setteled in Haldwani Uttarakhand) but there was no such address and no such company it was all fraud, that guy made my dad run here and there for some time in gaziabad and finally switched off his mobile. It’s our fault too that we should have found about the company before but is their no place for trust now a days how would one enquire about the address sitting at other part of the country.

Can anyone guide me if we can file any case against it and where. We do not know that guy we just have two mobile numbers, newspaper cutting of that add and deposit slip from bank. After serving for 30 yrs in army this is how my dad has been introduced to the Civil Life (this is what they call it in army).Plz guide I do not want to let them go just like that.

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  1. You can make use of RTI against news paper, and try to confirm the particulars of the address, telephone no,owners name etc from where you got the address published seen in news paper. On getting the particulars you file a FIR in police station and there after a criminal case of breach of can also find out the account no details viz name, address, telephone no, wherein you have deposited money of Rs 1800/- under your signature through RTI against Bank.For all this preliminary exercise you need not to engage a lawyer at this you should not feel will get back all with intrest.

  2. Just for information ..Whatever service is being given by AIRTEL

    One of the way is to cancel the sim if it is not being used for some time ( 1 month or so ) with out any info and relocate that no to any other person …I was on trip to overseas for a month and in the meantime they issued my no to another …while returning , i made an email to my service provider to charge the mobile by INR 150 . and found that sim is not working ….According to Airtel customer care , Sim has been cancelelled and no has been isssue to another … My 150 Balance has been gone .
    I got issued anohter no ..and while I was on roaming ….I got recharged by 100×2 =200 INR ..But the found that Balance has been given to me only 20 INR .. Recharg selling person ( of Airtel outlet ) was not aware that waht has happened . and after contacting on customer care ( after very long hot talkings ) I got to know that there was some special scheme on 100 Reacharging and which i can only use in my native city and validty period is only 10 days …that money also gone ..Because I was not able to go in my hometown within 10 days to use that balance .

    Great Airtel…Keep Cheating the customer ….