To or Just .in is The Question?

Ministry of Communications & Information Technology has done it again, not just do they come up with bad government websites but also misleading advertisements too.

Click the ad. below to enlarge it and check out what it says. You will notice that all the time the Ministry i trying to promote for Indian websites YET when you want some more info you have to log on to registry.IN. You will also find most of the websites listed in the background are also .in and NOT

Well… to be frank, it does not matter if you have your domain name in either or just .in, technically there is no preference given to any domain names. I prefer .in as it is shorter.

Ministry of Communications & Information Technology ad.

3 Responses to “To or Just .in is The Question?”

  1. Doesn’t matter whether it is .In or .Co.In. DOT must refrain from copying corporate punchlines – Connecting India [From Nokia’s Connecting People] and linking India [From my blog’s linking diversity!]

  2. abhishek bali on April 18th, 2007 at 9:21 am

    Lol lol lol…seriously m laughing on Indian ministry,

    Damn when will they come to know that is company of india and .in is used by anyone, Damn,,,They themselves dont know anything and they making people aware of buying thru a company bearing >IN domain ..I love India ahhaha

  3. […] the usage of CC (country code) domain name .IN, but their Ad promotes the usage of instead. writes, an advertisement of the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology is trying […]