How To Beat Dehydration This Summer

What is Dehydration?

Simply put, dehydration is a condition which arises when there is not enough water in the body to enable it to function properly.

Remember it only takes a loss of 1% – 2% of your body’s ideal water content to cause dehydration.

How to Prevent Dehydration?

1. Drink 8 to 10 glasses a day as the bare minimum – drink more on hot days.
2. Don’t use thirst as an indicator for staying hydrated. If you wait until you’re thirsty to drink, you’re already dehydrated. Furthermore, drink more than until you thirst no more.
3. Avoid caffeinated beverages and alcohol, both contain substances that will cause dehydration. Some teas and soft drinks will only increase the effects of dehydration.
4. Wear light colored, absorbable, loose fitting clothes.
5. Take plenty of breaks from your daily activities to get in the shade and drink plenty of fluids.

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2 Responses to “How To Beat Dehydration This Summer”

  1. A few more do’s, don’ts for this terrific HEAT

    Some must-haves in our meal chart:
    Fruits like grapes, watermelon which keep body cool and regulate the heat and are active energy agents.

    Some must-haves in our wardrobe:
    A lot of cotton fabrics specially whites.

    Some must-do’s:
    Lots cold showers, use of sun glasses and sun blocs.

    Some must-nots:
    Avoid heavy and fatty food especially those which are oily.

    Non-vegetarian food, eating out or street cooked food. Try switching to fresh and green vegetables at least for the summer.


  2. Thanks for the tips Priyam!