Faulty Whirlpool Air Conditioner

Another cribb on Whirlpool from Milind Sawant (Pune). This is the 4th cribb we have had for Whirlpool and 2nd complaint for DASS Electronics (Pune).

I Bought new whirlpool air condition on 23 April 08, installed it on 25 April 08, and it failed on very next day 26 April 08. Found no gas in the chiller unit when checked. How disgusting? Whirlpool should be shame on themselves for providing so cheap quality product to customer! I feel its FRAUD by giving no attention to our query and just giving assurance they will care. DASS electronics seems to be bogus also in that they too point to Whirlpool and whirlpool points to DASS. Blaming each other and giving rubbish answer as “its electronic item it may so happen that some time it will be faulty and has happened twice at DASS”. Today 29 April 08, even after 5days later nobody called me to let me know the progress. Instead I am rushing behind those people wasting my time, money and getting frustrated.

Whirlpool customer care (02060008558) gave me complaint number 9707 and told that Mr. Amol Bali will come to my place to check the AC on 29 April 08 by 3 PM, then by 5 PM and then by 9PM. But nobody called nor visited. Is it not false commitment from Whirlpool Company? I have decided to go to consumer court to make their life miserable. Whirlpool authorities are you listening or you are so shameless that you do not worry about it? You must be feeling that let this be one more of such kind of case on them out so many!

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  1. Want to make humble request to all the readers that pls pls do not take any consumer electronic items of Whirlpool (because of cheap quality and absolutely no service and attention being paid even when they are in fault) and that too from Dass Electronics, never!!! Dass Electronic is also seems to be fooling people by giving false commitment but take money for smallest thing they do. My suggestion would be never buy anything from Dass Electronics. Rest up to you all!

  2. Milind Sawant on May 1st, 2008 at 7:26 am

    Latest update is DASS has replaced the chiller unit today at 8.30PM after series of phone call and irritating discussion with them. It’s not yet installed do not know when it will get installed. Probably again one day i may need to wait and followup on it with installation person.

    The person who came for the delivery told that it might have happened that the previous chiller unit must be from display unit and must be quite old one from the showroom or from the godown. He also added that the chiller unit box is delivered to customer without opening it at all. But the one which we received last at time of delivery was opened.

    Do not know how and what action needs to be taken against them and take out the truth benith so that in future no innocent customers like me could get fooled and should avoid going to such dealers.

    Whirlpool is also equally responsible for not tracking what kind of units being delivered to customer. Such kind of experience makes impression on customer that whirlpool products are not good even if they are of good quality. One more thing there has been no communication yet done from whirlpool end also. No engineer has visited to my place till it got replaced.

  3. Hi Mr.Milind Sawant,

    This is Badarinath from Hyderabad. I am planning to Buy Whrilpool 1.5 ton Window AC of Modle no 18G30. I have gone through all your complaints.

    Please advise me on the Performance and Technology of Whrilpool AC’s.
    Based on this i want to deside whether to go for this or to take the other option.

  4. hello milind sawant
    do not feel disturbed i have faced the same problem by onida company i bougt 1.5 window ac but on very first day its panel control was not working then after so many requests it was changed then its energy consumption was 11 amp but company claims to have 8.5 to 9.again cheating after 2 months struggle i got it replaced but no service centre no dealer has helped me i keep on track by phones e mails do not give up teach them a lesson we are all with you bcoz still i am after them as all their claims are coming wrong teach them a lesson they deserve such kind of treatment

  5. nitin maharana on March 30th, 2009 at 7:13 pm

    hello people… i want to buy a window ac of 1.5 ton…. planing for whirlpool 18G30… coz it’s have 3 stars in it… which non of the 1.5 ton ac’s have …. shuld i buy… whirlpool…

  6. i m agree with all above customers faced problem by Dass electronics and whirlpool,i am also a victim of them,i purchased a whirlpool front load profesional washing machine,i have just purchased on oct-2009,the day technecian(shankar)installed the new pc,it was faulty.thn to replace it they made to struggle a lot,well anyhow they have replaced it,but now even the 2nd pc is also faulty,indicator not working,spine n rinse option nt working.

    i m really fadeup with dass electronic and whirlpool co in pune,can anybody suggest how to teach them a lesson.

  7. hellow friends,
    i bought whirlpool 1.5 ton AC (3 star royale) after lots of market research in delhi. i read articles online as well as visited different showrooms, including the big bazaar (e zone). finally, i bought the AC. it has been working fine. i keep it on 30 and still feel cold as it has been installed right on the level of my bed. the remote is ok. the response is non-faulty. noise is low and not disturbing. there are all functions like sleep mode, energy saver, dry, cool, fan, auto etc. the technical guy in e zone told me that it is comparable to hitachi, and the parts are same.
    got a coupon for reebok shoes too. there have been complaints from people not getting those as they are out of stock. i too faced that in one shop. then i searched for reebok showrooms online, and fetched the shoes from the one in cannought palace (109-c-block). the quality of the shoes is quite good. and it adds up to my collection as the 15th pair!!
    all in all, the AC is worth it. glitches can be faced in any brand, for that matter. so go ahead and buy this AC. if you can stretch your budget, you may buy voltal vertis gold split AC. it is costing 28990 with installation. stabaliser for 2000 is extra. it is an imported machine and recommended.