DDA Scam is Still a Puzzle

What is don’t understand is how DDA gave a clean chit to its on men after investigation? And now the top cops of EOW (Economic Offence Wing) who were heading the investigation got transferred out of Delhi. This means there is a major involvement of politicians who do not want the scam to be unearthed.

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3 Responses to “DDA Scam is Still a Puzzle”

  1. DDA/DELHI GOVT./ GOVT. OF INDIA’s —–In System Chief amongest the perpetrators of corrupt practices are accountants,bankers,lawyers and other financial intermediatries who know the worlds financial system and use their expertise to sheild CORRUPT ACTIVITIES both at home and abroad.Who can dare to be their whistle -blower??. CRORES OF RUPEES IS SIPHONED OFF in each F.Y. FROM GOI ACCOUNTS BOOKS to which late Rajive Gandhiji P.M. hinted by saying that 01 rupee given by govt. reaches 10 paisa to public in India, unfortunately he was over powered by similar Financial authorties by directly implicating him in BOFORES purchase deal in a calculated move by … and his voice went in silence for ever!!

  2. In real state matters govt should introduce MRP system FOR SALE OF 2-ROOM FLATES,3-ROOM flates and so on in a particular area like all sealed items open for sale in the market. Once MRP is fixed by the private builder on guide lines of price fixation formlae based on area,location,quality of construction material used etc. etc.provided by the govt should be mandatory for all real estae developer.On introduction of MRP, negotiation of sale price would become easier by the purchaser.

  3. Who will look honestly in matters of complaints.Govt work is a pipe line execution work with inputs of finance,administration and technocrates go along with in the system under over all supervision of concerned leaders of the discipline.On detection of error/reports the informer is punished/booked and pipe line exeecutives ars saved ??