No Free Coffee if You Have Dandruff

Lately I have seen brands entering into cross promotion without adding any value to their products… At this point of time it looks as if it is just brand awareness without expecting any tangible results from marketing.

Check out the cross promotion gimmick “Dandruff Free – Toh Coffee Free” by Clinic All Clear and Café Coffee Day. Their punch line is…

“Buy Clinic All Clear. Loose the dandruff, take that special someone out to Café Coffee Day for a free cappuccino.”

Sounds really lame, would I have let Café Coffee day employees examine my scalp to see if I am dandruff free before they give me that free Cappuccino?

As for Bipasha Basu on the ad. Anyone with a good make up and a straight hair wig can look good under the right lighting provided by a professional photographer. People should be smart enough to see through this fakeness.

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