Is Delhi Metro World Class?

Who ever thinks that Delhi Metro is world class must be living in the 18th century. I have been hearing this world class crap for such a long time that it’s getting on my nerves now. I would have happily called Delhi Metro “World Class” if the project had been started in the 1990’s, however […]

Faulty Signals & Zero Tolerance

Someone finally took some notice of my article on Traffic Signal Disaster 😉 Why is Commonwealth games a motivation for the government to fix the problem? Why the cry of an Indian citizen of no use? Does it mean that every time we need to get something fixed in this country, we need to host […]

Traffic Signal Disaster

This particular traffic light is on the crossing of D3 Vasant Kunj crossing. The light pole which you see is specially tilted for people to be able to see the traffic signal. This is the easy way out for MCD or which ever authority is answerable to fix this problem. Apparently it does not bother […]

Mega Highway Project in Delhi

Quiz time…. Which country in the World can boast of a 6.5 Lane Highway? No, USA in not the right answer… Think again!! Yes!! it’s INDIA Photograph taken from Hindustan Times