Is Delhi Metro World Class?

Delhi Metro Rail

Who ever thinks that Delhi Metro is world class must be living in the 18th century. I have been hearing this world class crap for such a long time that it’s getting on my nerves now. I would have happily called Delhi Metro “World Class” if the project had been started in the 1990’s, however it was not and the technology is as good as any other metro train which has been under operation in NYC or Chicago since the last 15 years.

Why am i comparing Delhi Metro with US Metro Trains… simply because Delhi Metro has been called World Class… :p

I agree that Delhi Metro has brought new life to a bustling city with serious traffic problem and at the same time i also agree that the Metro has set a high standard for a professional and timely completion of work but at the same time we should forget that we are at least a decade behind other countries. China already boasts of a bullet train capable of 250 Kmph and we don’t even have the “Delhi” Metro running throughout Delhi 🙂

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