High Court ok’s BRT in Delhi

For all people who use the BRT, know what pain private commuters have to go through while relatively how easy it is for public transport users to travel.. keeping this in mind, i am all for getting the common man to commute with ease however this is not to say that private vehicles owners should […]

Kejriwal being interviewed by Karan Thapar

Kudos to Kejriwal for keeping his cool knowing very well that he is being verbally attacked by Karan Thapar… Karan came out looking nothing more than a spokesman for Congress. Is this what you call journalism?

Is Robert Vadra aam aadmi?

With the latest Robert Vadra and DLF scandal, the entire Congress clan has come to Robert’s defense… mostly calling him an “aam aadmi” (common man) who is being put accused for things which he has not even committed. Don’t you think calling Robert Vadra an aam aadmi is a quite a stretch… he this was […]

Women sells daughters for Rs.155

In a country where the Government is willing give cellphones to people below the poverty line, they are unable to provide basic amenities such as water, electricity and food. I read an article in HT today which says that a mother was forced to sell her 3 daughters for Rs.155 due to extreme poverty. Her […]

A slap on India’s face

Time magazine has nailed the title of cover story “The Underachiever” on the Prime Minister of India.. Mr. Manmohan Singh. It is because of the political parties in India that we as the citizens have to face such embarrassment. Do add your comments below.