Beta… Please Complete the Essay Today!

I don’t know if I should laugh at this article or cribb about how stupid the Election Commission is… maybe I will do both.

The EC issued a notice to Mulayam Singh after he was caught giving away money to his supporters on Holi. The notice asked Mr. Yadav as to why they should not register a criminal case against him?

Firstly… is this a essay competition where Mr. Yadav will write a 1000 word essay explaining why he was distributing money to his supporters and how happy they all were after having Bhang on the day of Holi!

Secondly… when there is a TV footage of clear cut EC norms violation, then why ask for explanation, why not simply stop him from contesting the elections. Won’t this set an excellent example!

India Ke Jai ho!

Excerpt taken from Hindustan Times: Written by Rajesh Kumar Singh.

The election Commission on Thursday issued a notice to Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yaday after TV channels aired images of SP workers distributing Rs 100 notes among supporters gathered for a Holi function at Safai – Mulayam’s native village.

The poll panel asked the SP chief why a criminal case should not be registered against him for distributing money to people on Wednesday He has been directed to submit a reply by 11 am on March 14. “It is apparent that the distribution of money in your presence has been made with a view to solicit votes and support for yourself and your party,” the notice read.

Mulayam has been charged with adopting corrupt practices while campaigning after the model code of conduct was enforced. The model code prohibits parties from offering anything in kind or cash that can influence voters.

7 Responses to “Beta… Please Complete the Essay Today!”

  1. There was a time when HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY was practiced in letter and spirit by our leaders/IAS/Media/ now it is a relative term only for preaching purpose,no body bothers. what happened to our honble president who was not given another chance as un- opposed winner by the MLA/MP who elect them on our behalf??He has not taken any thing from the highest office.some loop holes were plugged out by him so this was his disqulification. We enjoy blind politics, election commission is no exception we all are wearing a mask to divert the attention of others and are mostly successful in our objects.Indians are slumdog has been accepted by us with diginity so dogs need are to be taken careof,whyECE/HT should cry??

  2. It is indeed a real shame that none of our government organizations can be trusted. Most of our politicians have criminal backgrounds… or should i say that most of the criminals have political background. Sounds one and the same, doesn’t it?

  3. these things have been happening from a pretty long time….u cant even blame the government officials who are not taking actions against these corrupt politicians…what can they do…when the uneducated/educated idiotic supporters of these moral less politicians are ready to do anything for their beloved politicians…look what is happening to “loksatta” party in andhra pradesh.. it is the only party where in the leader is educated and a person with high moral values…no one is voting for them..on the other hand the Telugu Desam govt is offering colour tv’s to people in order to attract voters…..who do u think these people vote for?? for those who offer them material wealth or to those who offer them moral wealth…..a revolution has to take place in order to change the mindset of people..

  4. The worlds that we use in our common parlance and practice in our daily life have lost their meaning with reference to mind set of the people of India. For example–honesty is now replaced by DIPLOMACY,corruption denotes positive-thinking, Complaint denotes–negative thinking. character loss is diginified and justified in one way or the other. Cheating emotionally or otherwise,misguiding and befooling words are considered as-TACTFUL HANDLING in day to day where is the fault lying now.Slumdog is India and Indians are slumdog who boards air conditioned GARIB RATH train in India. IS IT NOT A FACT SIR ???.YOU GIVE MONEY BEFORE ELECTION IS A CRIME SO EVEREY BODY IS CRYING BUT AFTER ELECTION WILL IT NOT BE SHARED BY CREYERERS SIRS IN LIEU OF SLUMDOGS. NOBODY WILL CRY THEN.

  5. Navin Chawla is a crypto Christian – i.e. Convert who hides his faith. Author of 2 books on controversial nun Mother Teresa, he is a loyal camp follower of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.

    Navin Chawla’s wife runs NGOs which are funded by the donations from Congress MPs.

    This Navin Chawla is the Chief Election Commissioner.

    What was it about ethics and Congress that you were talking about.

  6. We beleive in erradicating the disease not the symptoms. Once the disease is diagonosed symptoms will automatically disappear.In our’s present cribb we all talk about the symptoms part only not the disease so we keep attempting to pass the buck in others court thats all,whether we are on this side of the govt or that side does not matter. Previous conducts shows that it is simply an oppourtunity one wants to grab it.For example Govt. has given a big pay hike to govt servants only with out linking and fixing speaking resposibility pay wise or post/work wise to ease public services and making more responsive on public seat by 5and6 pay commission report implemented by two governments.An ambiguty in the area of jurisdiction of work, competancy of authority,time frame of discharging/resolving matters,etc etc have been maintainted in the era of computor and official telephone facility when avaible in almost all offices could not help improve the efficency of public servants.The pay commission silence on these vital issue after their two years full time solo study has aggravated the problem of public but who bothers for othres. LONG-LIVE Honble SPEAKER whose comments speaks VOLOUMES in AutoPAY FIXING disease.So long as NGO is doing good work and is funded in a fair manner we should not bother to whome one is related so let us chill- chill and welcome work.Raise the voice for highly paid public servants who have been blessed with official/ field vehical but have been availing the given transport allowance two/three folds .JAI_HO.

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