Are you Planning on Getting Married?

Another forward from a friend… wonder why he would send this to me, knowing very well that i am single and happy! 🙂

For Would-Be Grooms:

Rule #1: Never compare your mamma’s cooking with your wife’s! There is no faster way to dig your own grave than that! Please understand that your mom’s cooking has the backing of 20 odd years of experience.. ..don’t expect that from your wife whose hardly into the process! What if she were to compare your earning capacity with her dad’s!!! So shshshhhhh.. ..!!!

Rule #2: Never go out of your way to please the lady with flowers, chocolates and gifts during your engagement period. If ever you do , please follow it up post-wedding too! When you could cover 20kms in 15 minutes when you are engaged just to spend some time with her, how dare you forget her birthday post – marriage, even after you are given the broadest of hints by her!
Remember expectations always double…ever heard of them being halved???

Rule #3: Do compliment her every now and then, verbally or with gifts! What are those lovely Teddies and Archies gift cards for? Don’t sit there like the Lord Of The Rings expecting to be waited upon! Of course she will do it but everyone likes to be appreciated and pampered!!!!

Rule #4: This is very important! Sulking or complaining about marriage being a big mistake is a strict NO -NO!! You got into it with your eyes wide open, brimming with enthusiasm!! No one ever pushed you into it! So why this drama now!

Rule #5: Be Brave and take your own decisions and stand up by them !!
Consult your parents for advice but realize that you are grown up enough to lead your life! Respect your partner’s views at all times! Remember she has given up a lot more to make a life with you!!

Sharing Thoughts for Would-be Brides:

Rule #1: Don’t expect too much from him. Less the expectations lesser the disappointments.

Rule #2: Don’t ever dare to plan any outing or movie on a day when there is an interesting cricket match going on. REMEMBER SPORTS is more important to him than anything else. U spoil his day n He spoils urs

Rule #3: Over Emotions, Sentiments.. . Woha… What are these? Tears are not going to give any results either. It’s just a temp. attention tht u get. No one likes Cry Babies m Whining Wifes.

Rule #4: Never dare to cross with his mother. Even if he says “My Mom’s cooking is the best. U are nothing in front of her.” take it easily with a smile. Tell him tht u are learning from his mother and will try to do it better. U are not gonna lose anything!

Rule #5: Try to know his friends and understand that they are also part of his world. Allow him to spend few weekends or occasional night out parties with his friends.But at the same time make sure that u get u r due importance! It must not be tht he roams arnd with his friends forgetting that you exist at home.

Rule #6: Don’t start fighting for silly things. Forgetting birthdays n Anniversaries is not a big mistake. Men are not blessed with 2 GB RAM for storing everything in main memory.If you are very particular abt present gifts n parties on u r birthdays n anniversaries. make sure u remind them well in advance by some means (I know it sounds stupid. But if u are so particular,Do it for u r own good)

Rule #7: Take him for your shopping only if he’s interested. If you are going for Window Shopping or for sari purchase, Better go with your friends/go alone. He is better at office/home watching cricket.

Rule #8: Give him importance always. Show due care and affection. That ‘s the only way to win a guy’s mind

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