Don’t You Have Something Better to Do?

Oh please! The next thing you know is that Walt Disney has to take permission from Maneka Gandhi for screening Finding Nemo in India, because Nemo looks like a real fish and People for Animals want to know if any harm was done during the filming of the movie.

Article taken from HT ePaper.

It’s a ground rule of sorts. When filmmakers feature animals or birds, permissions have to obtained from the Animal Welfare Board of India. But now even digital images of birds have come under the scanner.

So, Ajay Devgan had to fly to Delhi recently to sort out the non-issue vis-a-vis, U Me aur Hum. The film features pigeons in scenes shot aboard a cruise line – but these have been created by digital animation. Maneka Gandhi, founder of People for Animals, reportedly had a problem with the scene. According to a source, the pigeons are so perfectly created that they don’t look digitally generated the authorities felt that real birds were used and asked if permissions had been obtained

Devgan, patiently explained the use of digital graphics in the movie, in the city on Saturday. After the okay from authorities, Devgan has had the film censored. A special screening of the same was held for a few politicians in the city.

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