Gandhi, Shiva, Ganesha all for Just $16.99

I happened to read an article in HT on “US site sells undies with Bapu images; riled India protests” and then I went online to to have a look at the images myself. After typing in some keywords like Gandhi, Hindu, Shiva etc i got to see some images which the article was referring to. Although the images in itself are not offensive at all, the reason for the out cry is that the image can be put on any product available via the website and be sold.

Gandhi, Shiva and other Products sold online

Honestly I do not think that the website or for that matter even people uploading the images can be blamed. It is not just Gandhi or Nehru, the website even has Jesus and other religious figures on demand.

The government should has better thing to do than look at websites and creating a ruckus for nothing. Have a look at the excerpt below from the article and you will know how what issues are raised in the Rajya Sabha.

External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee told the Rajya Sabha on Thursday that the Indian embassy in Washington DC had written to the president of the company to protest, and ask that the practice be discontinued immediately. “The matter has been followed up actively Further, the US government has also been apprised of this offensive practice of the said US company,” Mukherjee said without naming the company While images of Indian gods and national icons have been used in an unflattering manner by Western companies in the past, it has been rare for the Indian government to get directly involved in the protest.

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