Take a Pod taxi ride in Vasant Kunj, Delhi

Was reading the newspaper today and was pleasantly surprised to read that my colony will be the first in India to have a Pod taxi system implemented in the coming years. Vasant Kunj will be connected with Vasant Vihar and Andehria Morh. The Pod taxi has been introduced in London Airport and Dubai and can seat 2-10 people and does not require a driver as it operates on set tracks, they are electric vehicles which will not add to the pollution on the roads.

As per the newspaper, the city transport department has already submitted a detailed report to the Delhi government for approval. I just hope this does not turn out to be one of those projects which are on paper for 10 years and then take another 10 to implement and then are called start of the art when clearly they are and outdated technology… later a museum is dedicated to it (i.e. The Metro)

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