Now put up a lift in your DDA flat

If you are living in Delhi in a DDA flat, you would know how hard it is for the older population to climb up to the 3rd of the 4th floor. DDA has never provided lifts on any of its flats constructed and the reason could be to bring down costs and maintenance but at the same time they had made it very hard for people who wanted to install lifts / elevators for their block even after they were the onces paying for it.

DDA now has relaxed some norms, where in you would not need to consent of all flat owners but just the majority and also would not need to consult the ground floor occupant for their permission. You would need to get a no-objection certificate from DDA if your colony is maintained by it else you can get the same certificate from MCD. This certificate can be obtained by providing a structural stability certificate which you can procure from any registered Architect.

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