Spike The Vodafone Dog

Hutchi-son Pug Retires : Taken from HT I was reading the morning newspaper and saw this article on the Hutch – Vodafone commercial dog. Surely pretty much everyone has seen the commercial in which the dog follows the little kid everywhere. The article reportedly says that after the ad aired on T.V the breed become so popular that almost 50,000 pups were sold.

Anyways, this is not why I put this article on cribb. The reason is that this news made it to the front page of Hindustan Times. Can you believe that!… Center column of the front page of a leading newspaper reporting about a dog in a commercial.

I think there is something fishy here… I don’t think the article itself had anything to do with the dog, but maybe this was a subliminal advertising for Vodafone. Why else would a newspaper report about a dog, when there is other critical news to report everyday?

One Response to “Spike The Vodafone Dog”

  1. The breed of the Dog in the Vodafone commercial is a called PUG.

    A Pug is a toy dog breed with a wrinkly face and medium-small body.