I made the Biggest Mistake of my Life…

Do you see the pic on the left, that is pretty much the state i am in. Hanging by the rope and the worst part is that i don’t even know if i am dead or alive and if i am alive then why and for how long. Recently i committed a blunder in my life and it is possibly the biggest one till now… you must have heard that saying “aapne paroon per kudh kulhari marna” , in my case it’s not just one leg but i hit the axe on both my legs. I can humor about it right now but trust me, this is the most tragic thing.

It’s one thing when someone else does something and hurts you, if you are lucky… you get an apology but its a different ball game all together when you do something yourself to jeopardize your own future… something which drastically changes the course of your of life and maybe the meaning of your existence.

I will not go into detail of what i did, it’s a long painful story but i did hurt someone very dear to me and now i don’t think i will ever get a chance to set it straight. They say that in life you always get another chance to fix your wrong doings… is it really true? How do your apologize to someone who would not even want to see your face?

In all my life i have always left my heart make a decision for me and the only time i lead my head take the drivers seat… it got me into a serious accident. Lesson of life is that with it comes to relationships be it your family, friends, g/f or b/f you should always go by what your heart says.

I lost something which was very precious to me, don’t let your stupidity do the same to you.

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  1. Well, we all have those phases in life when we all stare into the face of reality and realize that we have done it and there is no erase or rewind button to correct things. But I believe, life always gives you a second chance…. it may take time… could be even years… but u wud get that chance… I had faced it too :)…

  2. Hello…I knw wat you r talking abt… As i told u earlier it was a blunder which we committed now all we can do is to ask for an apology and its upto them whether they wud forgive us or not.. But I think we shud be thankful to God that atleast we have realised our mistakes and we are asking for their forgiveness..Do gud deeds and leave evrything in God’s hands.. U will get the best in life believe me..

    Keep Smiling..;)

    Take Care..

  3. I feel there are few things which happen to teach us a lesson.

  4. just two words…time heals…go back after a week and try apologizing…if it does not work, go back after a month…you will be forgiven (but the point is will you go back after a month??)

  5. you are not alone into this. man has desires wishes that take the good of him at times, and he lets lose. I have had problems my self. but i apologised and they took long long time to forgive. the thins were a bit skewed, but when u r cornered, people think its ur fault even if the onus was not fully on you.
    i came out of my probs with the passage of time. somebody took advantage of my credulous behaviour and started blackmailing me. it was real bad losing face in front of your people. but i m a strong guy from inside. and i never thought it was my fault. i was just being good to someone. it was the other person’s fault. there are two sides to problems. what people think bout u and what u think about urself. if people think negative, it is sure bad, but if u have gotten into state of low-selfesteem, it is real bad. the only way out of this problem is thru this problem. you have done the best right thing…..u have talked about it. this will take u to a phase of restoration and strength. i m sure of this, because i ve been thru this phase. i too was hanging by the noose, and for a long time.
    keep it going bro!

  6. just another person on May 17th, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    tension nahin lene ka…….life is just a drama.live it and enjoy it .sometimes it may frighten you but keep going on because nothing is permanent.

  7. the most happiest person is he who realize that he can live without that which he thought he could never live without it.. Think

  8. Hi,

    I am just sinking into the aftermath of a truly spectacular life shattering series of blunders that I did to myself completely, that caused me to forfeit my Beautiful Partner, My home, and the best Job i have ever had. I so shot myslef in the foot It’s not true, I was unawware that it was possible to be so remorseful about a simple turn of events that can happen in a single morning.

    I hope you find peace, it;s ao very human to do the things we think are right, but end up blowing our legs off. I sincerely hope you recover form your situation, although it’s hard, especially when suffering form the shoulda coulda woulda’s – and boy can;t they take over sometimes? – remeber that the first step is to forgive yourself, be kind to yourself, and look forward, not back. Whats done is done, we all do it to some degree.

    We all get many chances.