Rat + Beer = Patna Police Enquiry

Drunk Rats in Patna Police Station : Not the actual pic ;)I fond this funny article in the Times of India (Online Edition). Looks like the rats are doing the same things as any politician in Bihar… attacking people in open and nibbling on higher officials tows 😉 (photograph on the left is not the actual one, but i am sure it is something close to it). Read the article below for a good laugh!

PATNA: Rats are gnawing at beer cans and making holes in caps of whisky bottles stored in police storehouses and apparently getting drunk, authorities said on Wednesday.

The rodents’ love for liquor has the police department in Bihar stumped as it tries to store hundreds of bottles seized from illegal sellers from across the state in Patna, the state capital, said Kundan Krishnan, a senior officer.

“We are fed up with these drunken rats and cannot explain why they have suddenly turned to consumption of alcohol,” he said. The problem costs revenue as the seized liquor is usually sold through auctions, he said.

Rats were also attacking people near the police buildings, nibbling at their toes, although it was not clear if they were under the influence, officials and witnesses said.

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