Nuclear Deal & The Debate Goes On

Cribb sent in by Mr. Ashutosh Kumar.

Do we (India) really need this Nuclear Energy (123 so badly and urgently that we need to accept , terms laid down by some external power, body or nation. All of us are quite aware about the shady past and selfish policies of the so called Guardian of peace. It is a proven fact that the mighty Big B has always supported any kind of movement around the Globe without actually knowing the real cause or nature to accomplish its own motive. And then bomb the same region or nation when they don’t succumb to the demands laid down by the big B … Many of the Developed Nations behind these international bodies has already showed its autocratic nature in many parts of the world.

Aren’t we self sufficient, especially when India has proved its importance and presence on the Globe

We are quite aware that Till yesterday our economically devastated neighbour was a privileged friend of the mighty B, and it received all kind of military (and only military) support in form of cash or kind (latest weapons, bombers, training etc.) . Although everyone is quite about the social, political, and economic condition of Pakistan. But it hardly mattered to the developed U.S . It kept on supporting them with destructive items , and in return our devastated neighbour was obliged to provide them ground to lay their foot in this part of the Globe , for good reason. It provided them the required ground to keep a watch on the regions blessed with natural source of energy, crude oil (liquid gold) and at the same time keeping a close eye on the most potential threat, China. However now one and all know the value of Indian market, so…

Now returning back to our point of concern, do we need purchase Nuclear energy and build up relationship with such a dubious country, and that too by destabilising our own Govt., and throwing the nation to pre polls?

Already we have lot of sufferings in form of illiteracy, unemployment etc.

In addition poverty, malnutrition, medical facilities are still of greatest concern. Apart from these basic necessities several states like Bihar, Orissa, Westbengal, Assam (to name a few) gets devastated year due to natural calamities, let apart other socio-political problems like Naxalism, Terrorism, and Other Separatist activities growing more ever before.

Now, Do we really have so dire requirement of nuclear energy than solving these problems?

What are we going to do with all this energy? Is it going to help in overcoming these basic problems? Will it help in checking the natural devastation which kills thousands every year and snatch away the even thatched roofs and make millions homeless? Can it help tackling the problem of Naxalism, Terrorism or any other such social problems? If yes it’s most welcome, but if not then why so much of hue & cry about this so called 123 NUCLEAR DEAL? Developing a few cities can never bring true progress. Our nation can make true progress only when every region progress simultaneously. Still farmers are committing suicide. We must be ashamed of ourselves about thinking or talking about purchasing nuclear energy before providing basic amenities like clean drinking water, basic education etc.

Our wise fore runners (freedom fighters) spoke about mixed economy, so that the whole nation makes progress, and potentially strong regions can develop rapidly to cope up with global development. They were not great economist but they had one strong idea in their mind – Betterment of Nation and its People and this guiding factor helped them devise this theory.

We are a peace loving self sufficient nation and any concerned nation is most welcome to help us in our endeavour. IN RETURN THEY WILL ALWAYS GET the love, our rich cultural heritage and spiritual guidance apart from the most demanded intellect.

We (Indians) must realize our responsibility in this world, and keep advocating peace, harmony . We never had dual or feudalistic policies and have always respected the freedom of ever nation and NO ONE can claim to be guardian of peace and non-voilence by threatening and bombing others.

Finally we really don’t need to pay anyone for this nuclear energy and pay brokerage to someone (mostly our own national).

One Response to “Nuclear Deal & The Debate Goes On”

  1. Dear blogger,
    You cannot compare the task of striking nculear deal with other pressing issues such as poverty, inflation, unemployement etc.
    Also, you cannot look at America from a moral standpoint of view in the context of its past.

    For a country with Billion plus, political leaders have a mammoth task of looking into the future far far away and take decisions today. For this, we cannot decide who our friends and enemies are. The time we are living in is very dynamic and electrically charged. We are facing new challenges such as rising energy costs, China scouting for all available ebery sources and we simply cannot sit idle being a mute spectator.
    We need to take corrective measures and insure our future.
    Alternative energy resources are high on the list of things to do. Anything alternative to OIL and coal is a huge welcome and nuclear energy should be seen in that context.

    In next 20 years, countries may ban products from countries who are using coal to produce and or who are causing global warming. We need to be ready for such a situation. In order to meet such demands, we need to take measures now.

    No doubt, we can develop technology ourselves given some time. Unfortunately we don’t have time. Look at what our engineers have done to Arjun tanks after so many decades and billions of dollars.
    Look at the projects undertaken by HAL, they have wasted huge sum of money producing little.
    Not because, our engineers are incompetitive, but becuase, we don’t have access to technology and this what we are going to get as part of nuclear deal.

    Nobody in the world can supply us the needed technology other than United States. We should be happy that UPA has worked hard to just achieve that goal which was alluding us for decades.

    We need to cut ice with America and we need to think about future. everything else like poverty, inflation etc are global issues not just local.
    Poverty can be eradicated provided international organizations undertake policies which will help countries like India, Brazil etc