MCD and Clogged Drains, Married Forever

Water Logged Delhi Roads - Taken from HT epaperMCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi Most Corrupt Department) has done it again, despite the low rainfall in Delhi this time around, MCD has still managed to recreate water-logging situation of last year. It was a difficult thing to do (given the low rainfall) but some how MCD manages to do it every year. 😉

According to me, MCD should be completely privatized and all the current employees should be laid off. Water logged roads lead to potholes which directly leads to deaths of 2 wheeler users because they are not able to see large potholes during the rains. MCD is directly responsible for these deaths and numerous other casualties so how on earth is such a department being allowed to run in the capital region?

5 Responses to “MCD and Clogged Drains, Married Forever”

  1. “because they are not able to see large potholes during the rains.”

    Does this mean others can see the large potholes? Even they could die. Why being sympathetic to only Bikers. Pedestrians are at a bigger risk.

  2. @ prashant: I am not sympathetic to bikers only but since they have a much more chance tripping over a pothole cover with water during rain i just wanted to take their side. Just a few days back there was a case where a 25 year old biker lost his life due to the same reason and the high court directed MCD to pay his family 5L. There are numerous other cases where expecting mothers have lost their unborns to potholes. Something needs to be done about this.

  3. I am sorry to put it before you that whenever a department/organisation fails in delivering the satisfactory services to public,we come out with a suggestion to privatise it.we had done it in DESU case by handing over to NDPL/BSNL both private players.We are not interested in treating the cause but treat the symptoms only.Infact if you treat the cause, concealed opreating malpractices would become public,and dignified financial and admn. authorities on top position including politicions are likely to be exposed.The role of media positive support in privitisation of govt services is not clear.The mal- practices at middle level is really transformed in privitisation.Nevertheless magnitude of courruption grows and takes a bigger shape and happens among top govt financial and admn. authrities and poltiticions in a bigway.The public services becomes better because middle level malpractices are elliminated in privatisation, which is difficult to crush by beaurocrates because their subordinates would expose them,if they are troubled by the Govt. But privitisation is not good in the long run and is against the public policy.The solution lies in layering accountablity in speaking terms clubed with decentralised financial and admn powers on somewhat pattern of Banks in all govt offices.It is unfotunate that pay commission of Govt talks only for pay-package/carryhome but do not review for the speaking accountability and powers attached to the revised pay scale recommoneded by them.Who can raise this issue before Govt.How a private organisation can perform better work than govt deptt, when well qualified experinced govt servants with big pay packages fails??.MEDIA CAN POSTMORTUM WITHOUT FEAR AND FAVOUR IF SO DESIRED

  4. @ rony: unfortunately accountability is a word for which MCD does not have definition for. Government employees have got used to getting paid every month with or without doing any work, this is the reason why even experienced government employees do not perform. Besides corruption is the core of the organization, a file is not pushed ahead unless a bribe is given… how can anyone expect any progress when this is the case with all government departments. Things are changing but too little and too slow.

  5. Prashant: I disagree with your approach of affixing blame to MCD agency.The power of responsibility and accouantability are to be decentralised and redistributed in the Govt/MCD department,this will automatically will take care of work and salary as pointed by you.You are right no file moves without bribe.But ever did you analyse how can a subordinate take bribe without concealed consent of superiors??.Infact most of them work as commission agent for their superiors in the system,because seniors turn deaf ear if you make a complaintent of delay.But for this you will have to pay the heavy price for it.Now your work/file would be analysed on the principle of YOU SHOW ME THE FACE I WILL SHOW YOU THE RULE’from top to the bottom authorities.So should we go for privitisation because of this goondagardi.No-no-never this is not the wise soloution for such things.Decentralise the power’s of senior authorities in speaking terms and attach responsibility with it.Devide the powers with accouantability makes the work faster in govt deptt.But this may not be possible because financial authorities holds the remote of corrupton in their hands in any govt/MCD deptt but never takes part directly in any deal.Suo-moto cognisance taken by media or judiciary can make a dent in such complex issues,provided they wish to do so honestely.