Indian Premier League Cashes In

IPL April Tamasha Its high time BCCI should stat their own “Entertainment” channel… mind it i did not call it a “Sports” channel. The reason i guess is known to everyone, Cricket no longer seems to be a sport, its pure entertainment. India is cricket crazy, no wonder why people have tried to cash in every time. Forgetting LAGAN? The movie was a success because of cricket… was it Oscar material? Hell No!

IPL had broken the thin line between sports and entertainment now. With players going for millions of dollars, i think it is obvious that sport has taken a back seat. I am not saying that there is something wrong with this… no not at all. Everyone has a price tag on them and the right price can make anyone dace like a monkey.

The cut out on the left was take from HT and i 100% agree with the title of it “Paisa Phek, Tamasha Dehk” (Throw money and watch the show). Cricket has always been in such hype that everyone seems to have forgotten that Hockey is the national game of India. Suprised?

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