India to Eradicate Poverty by 2015

This has to be a joke! What the government could not do in decades after independence, they plan to do that in the next 6 years. Unlink all government plans which have a gestation period of minimum 10 years, this one will stretch to 50. Maybe Mr. L.K Advani is still hanging around waiting to be the next Prime Minister.

One Response to “India to Eradicate Poverty by 2015”

  1. Let us join hands with NGO “SOCIETY OF CATALYST” headedby shri omeshsaigal who took- up the task of fight with DDA through legal route.Indeed who can understand better govt modous operandi than sh saigal being once headed the Govt of Delhi but might be helpless onseat during his tennure as head because no single person can fight with the lobby existing in the govt system practicing corruption under the umbrella of powerful politicians.The conses of sh saigal is alive lest it is lost, needs fullsupport of the public/media/ or politician in unearthing the organised high tech corruption.E-mail ID of NGO be given publicity to invite information/support from public. Govt can dream of eradicating poverty by 2015 on papers and not from ground-level with such system where tact is powerful than honesty??