India Breaking Traditions

High Court ok’s homosexuality and gets rid of the 149 year old law.

Taken from Hindustan Times epaper

Of course there are two sides to every story.

For and against Gay rights India

2 Responses to “India Breaking Traditions”

  1. We the custodian of socity have diluted the age old genetic traits system of india,and some of us is now attempting to extract oil from the sand.The indian ethics of Ramayana,mahabharat have been fadeded away and is compared with whome? west.what is right or wrong is judged by the majority (no. game) in the present socity.Honesty is over powered by the deplomacy in conduct. Infact science and its development has over powered conscience.kalyug its causes and consequences are recorded in our holy books,so we should not see things in wonder. Inwardly we are all got polluted in the social system in one or the other way,judges are also one of them they are not reformers or descedent of truth.LOOK-WAIT-GO with the life in its present form.

  2. @ rony: call it evolution or natural progression of the society; I am not for or against the decision but this is how society has evolved. Change is inevitable which is mentioned in the Gita also, be it for the good or for the bad… is up to an individual to decided. I don’t think we are in a position to judge unless we have seen both sides of the coin… frankly I have no intention to see the other side of the coin… I am very happy being straight! 🙂