IBN Live Banks on Britney

IBN Live Puts Britney on Facebook I logged on to my facebook account to check a few thing and guess what i saw… IBN Live advertising Britney’s Blunders to get people to their website.. now this is what i call entertainment.

The Ad read “Watch the hit pics of Britney Spears only on IBN Live” and naturally i clicked… not only were the pics NOT hot but also very poor quality. Why would IBN Live put up such an Ad in the first place? Is another desi baba in the making 😉

I guess its not just IBN which is stooping so low, talk about Star News… they have become the comedy central of India. Every time i bump into Star News i see “HANSOGE TO PHASOGE” . Why keep this program on a news channel? Don’t they have a cat killed by a mouse sansani to repeat all day?

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