Don’t be Mixing Staples with Glue

Though the title of the post sounds weird, but that is exactly what the post is about. Whenever i get my Airtel Landline Bill i get frustrated and annoyed, not because of the amount but because i have a tough time opening it without tearing it apart. The bill is always properly sealed and then it always has 2 staple pins punched into it.

Why do you need to staple something which is already sealed is beyond me. The fact that Airtel keeps beating the drums about going green and then does something which is completely opposite.

Imagine this, they have a 100 million customers to which they send the bill to and 2 staples pins on each is 200 million staple pins each month. If they stop doing this, not only will they save money but also natural resources which are actually going to the dust bin.

5 Responses to “Don’t be Mixing Staples with Glue”

  1. I think this is unnecessary cribbing. Bills come with staples because anybody could open it and then again real with a good glue. But you can’t just remove staple without leaving holds on the paper.
    It’s for your privacy.
    And how much does cost? Peanuts, even if to the tune of 200 millions.

  2. @ Abhijeet: If thats the case, then why don’t they also put a tape on the cover for extra protection 😉

  3. Cribber,
    Airtel does has 100 million customers but majority of them are prepaid so i am sure there is much lesser wastage but yeah no doubt there is some wastage. Secondly there may be a possibility that these pins are stapled by courier guys. Even if you leave the pins, i have noticed that airtel sends too much of advertising material along with bill.

  4. Abhijeet, JFI Staples can be removed easily and can be restapled again at the same place.

  5. I have a feeling the stapling is done more by the courier company or the department that handles the dispatch