How a Beer got me High… on fever!

It’s been a couple days since I have written anything; the reason is that I have not been keeping well since Friday. After having a chilled beer with friends, my throat went for a toss and I have been running high fever since then.

Thanks to my sensitive throat, I need to be very careful whenever I have something cold be it water, beer, or even ice cream. Usually the fever is not that sever and subsides within a couple days. This time however, I have had an average of 103 Degree fever and it does not seem to subside. Thanks to Allegra, my nose and throat a much better but the fever has left me weak and until the fever does not subside on its own, there is no way I can get better soon. Even thought I am taking Dolamide for fever and pain right now I think I will call the doc today to switch over to some antibiotics asap.

Will keep you posted!

3 Responses to “How a Beer got me High… on fever!”

  1. hi dear..u have to seek consultation from an ent surgeon as ur fever sugests an acute Pharyngitis…

  2. Hey Doc. thanks for the reply. I am feeling a little better now but somehow the fever always returns in the morning. My throat is super sensitive and everytime i gulp in something chilled, it gives in, usually the fever and weekness is mild but this time it has been the worse.

  3. ok.. so after 4 days and numerous medicines I am feeling better. I have a renewed strength and I feel like this time I can take the Beer down! 😉