God Please Help us get rid of MCD

Private companies are supplying MCD with inter locking tiles which are being put to use all over Delhi. These tiles are made by recycling old construction material from various MCD sites. Though this is a good thing that MCD is recycling but if you look into the quality of the tile you will notice that this is not going to last even a year, besides look closely and you will see that these so called inter locking tiles don’t seem to interlock at all. What a waste!

One Response to “God Please Help us get rid of MCD”

  1. Why do you pray god to save from MCD?? At least MCD/GOI/DELHI GOVT or any other agency they are doing service for the public.The finance,administeration and technical officers combined efforts make it possible for the improved facilities laid for the public use available in Delhi.See other states you will appreciate DELHI.
    .The performance reports of any deptt is assessed by the utilisation of budget.So the concept of durability long life and cost effective of works is ignored and has become obsolete
    ‘USE AND THROUGH IS THE CONCEPT’is applicable all around.Condition apply.MARCH,MINISTER,MONEY, MASTER MIND -matters