Dignity of Labour?

Over time we have started taking some thing for granted but it is photographs like this which brings us back to the harsh reality. Don’t cribb, next time when the A.C is not working properly in your office.

Rat + Beer = Patna Police Enquiry

I fond this funny article in the Times of India (Online Edition). Looks like the rats are doing the same things as any politician in Bihar… attacking people in open and nibbling on higher officials tows 😉 (photograph on the left is not the actual one, but i am sure it is something close to […]

Pot Belly of Indian Police

Watch out! the seams are about to burst of the cop’s shirt… err pants!! Do you think this cop can run even 200 meters if need be?

Food for Thought

Think twice the next time you leave food on your plate, there are so many hungry people out there in the world who deserve more. The least you and i would could do is not to let food go waste down the drain. (1980. A kid in Uganda about to die of hunger)

Vasant Kunj is a Dump

If you happen to live in Vasant Kunj or are a frequent visitor to this Delhi’s upscale locality you will know what i am talking about. Lately the roads have become a dump and it’s not just garbage but also all the digging which has been going on. The road which starts from the Vasant […]