This country has gone to the Dogs

It saddens me to write this but i have come to the conclusion that India has truly gone to the Dogs. Today while i was watching the evening news, i saw the story of the 10th girl who committed suicide in the past week, all because she could not stand what her mother would say as she did not go good in her exams. I read an article in the paper today about a man being stabbed multiple times in Gurgaon all because he did not want to give out his ATM pin number to crooks who cornered him when he had pulled off the road to take a call. A doctor’s son was kidnapped and then murdered in his own car. Police has still not be able to trace the 3 pakistani terrorist who escaped, the blame game is on and a report as been duly commissioned.

The above was just a days news, this is an every day affair and this makes me very sad. It’s already hard to work and make a good life for yourself and your family and now you need to worry about schools putting so much burden on kids which makes them take such extreme steps. Even if your kid survives the school what guarantee is there that he / she is safe from thugs / kidnappers. Why is the police so helpless in catching criminals or are they hand in glove with them? Why are the most corrupt politicians given the most number of security guards? Why are murderers given ministerial positions where they can never be touched? Why are innocent peoples taxes going towards protecting a terrorist who killed their loved ones (Kasab, the Mumbai Terror attack) Why does a molested girl commit suicide while her “powerful” molester smiles on the way out of court.

There are so many why’s that i can keep writing and there will be no end to it. I am so fed up of seeing so much wrong going on in India that it sickens be to the stomach, is it not the same for you?

5 Responses to “This country has gone to the Dogs”

  1. I am not sure whether things are getting worse in India from a security standpoint or is the media reporting these crimes more often. In the United States the crime rate is steady for decades but the reporting of crime particularly by local news outlets has increased drastically. This might skew the public’s perception of the reality.

  2. Hari, in India…still only a fraction of the crime is reported or recorded, people who have the means try to involve media so that they might get some support from the masses as the police in almost all cases is always with the opposition. In the US, people are still brought to trial… look at Clinton, even he was not spared.

  3. Thanks to media at least media has taken pains to bring these crime to discussion and action point.

  4. Dear friends,we talk about so many things to which media highlights it. Now whether the things are correct or not no body bothers in the end. Out of many Dhananjoy in the society how many were got hanged by us even after trials in the court for similar crimes.A school teacher from haryana was badly blamed,torchered by powerful persons of her school and was got dismissed from services quickly but when found innocent against the charges framed,she was simply taken on job,since nothing appeared in news papers later, it appears that this nepharious design was framed to teach her a lesson by us but no body bothered to punish designers.SAMMARATH KO NAHAIN DOSH GUSAI was the dictum of great tulsidas.Most of us in society are morally corrupt so how can we expect justice from one courrupt to another courrupt.Be happy the country would not go to dogs from such happennings only justice would get expunged and would be available by choice sir.

  5. It’s appalling to know that even the “major” news never get justice… the 26/11 mumbai…
    What’s more interesting is that we lack the ability to fight natural disasters itself! then how do we expect that these cases will be even given an ear?
    We all sit and yelp when we face misery, the questions is, what do we do about it?