There is Truth Beyond the Mind Games

It appears that America is playing a game with India as well as Pakistan, reassuring both that they are trying everything in their power to find out what really happened where as in reality they are tying to subliminally coax both parties into a war. If you think my statement is preposterous, think again! America has much more to gain out of war than if we are at peace, incase of an advance, both Pakistan and India will have to rely on American help in terms of Intelligence, Weapons supply etc. In return America will be able to have a strong foothold in India as it is one of the biggest emerging superpower and who does not want a piece of this pie?

In this economic slowdown the companies which were worth billions are now bankrupt, they are now at the mercy of the American government for a bail out, what incentive does the government have to lend them money… they get to buy in the companies at throw away prices and that to legally! This is all good one would assume. Yes! if you don’t give much thought to it but if you do then you would realize this is a consolidation happening on the biggest scale ever seen. This is not the first time something like this has happened; it’s just that now we are much more aware of what is going on, thanks to the media and the internet.

How does the above tie into my theory of terrorism… if we change track for a minute and think that the Mumbai blasts were not a work of Pakistan but was an insider job with help from Uncle Sam. Some corrupt Indian politicians with American aid pulled this off. Why would they do this? Simple, Politicians get to blame the current government and come into power; they get aid from one of the world’s largest economy, filling their own pockets with billions of dollars. America in turn becomes a guardian of Indian waters and makes India as one of their bases.

There are lies and deceit everywhere you see, politicians and media alike feed you with information which they believe will server their agenda. I urge everyone to think with an open mind and evaluate things for themselves. Let us not get carried away by emotions which have been artificially planted on to us.

We are intelligent enough to know what is right and wrong, don’t let anyone else make this decision for us!

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