Sick and Dirty Indian Politics

Cribb send in by Ashok Kumar.

I am like other citizens of India, have my own way of observing the things happening in day to day affair.

While I had no particular association with any political party, I had an inclination towards Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) due to their ideology on nationalism and also as the biggest opposition Party to correct the Government in power on their wrong doings or wherever required.

However in the past few years I have observed that politics is getting more and more dirtier. The opposition parties are critising the government for the sake of critising and not because of anything principally wrong. Recently Rahul Gandhi, as a young and sober politician tried to do something good for the community by visiting economically backward people of Uttar Pradesh. However this was criticized by the opposition as a political stunt. It is becoming general practice that instead of appreciating good work initiated or done by a particular party opposition always tries to find fault whether the fault is valid or no. This is one of the several examples of the day to day affairs.

This shows that there is no healthier atmosphere in the political circle. India is a democratic country and one is free to criticize other but the criticism on the wrong footing gives a wrong signal in the mind of people, specially educated lot. Instead of giving support to the ideology of the party, people think that all parities are the same i.e. opportunists.

I further wish to express my views that there are many issues India is having, some of them are even basic and concerned with day to day affair of general public and there is great scope of working on them and gain popularity to lead further. Hence instead of playing a negative role, if the political parties resort to healthier atmosphere, it will help the party, general public and the country as a whole to gain new heights.

2 Responses to “Sick and Dirty Indian Politics”

  1. I request readers to post their coments and pass-on this message to other serious readers to help India, our country, to get out of such sick/selfish motives.

  2. i agree with you!!!!!!!!