Petrol price hike getting unbearable for the masses

Government continues to hike the prices of petrol to fill its kitty. An article in HT today wrote that 40% of what we pay goes as taxes and duties to the government… hardly any surprise here. Together with direct and indirect taxes, you are paying 50% or your hard earned money to the govt. and in return you get bad roads to drive on, polluted air to breath, dirty water to drink and have to face frequent power-cuts. If the govt. can break Team Anna, which comprised of highly educated lawyers and ex-bureaucrats… then how can a common man escape from this?

One Response to “Petrol price hike getting unbearable for the masses”

  1. Petrol price hike is talked about all of us. Perhaps there is no option left with your government. No party will support this move. Congress led UPA II has no answer to it. It may prove to be a suicidal step for congress party and your government if not taken carefully. Here I have a suggestion to make for your kind consideration. In your tenure as UPA -I and UPA- II government Petrol price hike have taken place number of times in a general way in lieu of categorizing it Economic class user (TWO WHEELERS) and non economic class users (4 Wheelers, in a family there are 3-4 cars etc).More often It may be seen that generally 4 wheelers are driven singly are with a person, making uneconomic use of subsidized petrol meant for poor class in a most casual way. This is because deficiency in petrol fixing price and genuine beneficiary.
    Petrol are Used by
    i) TWO wheeler MOTOR CYCLE, Scooter, Moped.( AAM ADMI VEHICLE) —- Mostly used by Youth of country viz students, family persons, girls etc Lower middle, and middle class of society which forms a big vote bank.
    ii) Commercial Vehicles petrol driven like TAXI, three wheelers is driven in big cities only. Can be compensated by government in other way in respective states.
    Petro is sold through Petrol pump in city. The scooters, Moped class two wheeler are given petrol with mix oil .Motor cycles, 4 stroke scooters and four wheelers are given petro without mix oil through separate oil dispensers installed at petrol pump.
    The policy government be supported for framing it in such a way that two wheelers petrol price and four wheelers petrol price should be fixed differently. Two wheelers are economic users of petrol in the country and need to be encouraged in National interest and growth of nation. Four wheelers should be sparingly used by owners be advocated by govt or be prepared to pay more price for exerting status in society. Difference of Rs 10/- per liter should be maintained in petrol price. But this policy will be strongly opposed and rejected by affluent class CAR manufacturers. They will oblige ministers and others to stop it ab initio.
    Petrol dealers need to co- operates government in selling petrol. All petrol pumps could be directed by govt to install a CCTV camera at dispenser site where low priced petrol for TWO wheelers dispenser pump is there. This will check to dispense petrol in a four wheeler from this outlet by petrol pump dealer himself.
    The chances of selling petrol by a two wheeler owner in black may surface in the initially but will subside soon because frequent taking of petrol by two wheeler from petrol pump will be caught in camera’s. Further loose selling of petrol will not be a rosy situation every now and then. Let us assume it if such activity happens it will be a dealing between a lower middle and upper middle or affluent class, so neither govt nor dealer will be at loss in any manner in such un practical and unlawful sale.
    Mischief can be played by petrol pump owner to sell the petrol of the dispenser pump quickly and start harassing two wheelers that low price petrol is exhausted and is not available. Government has to protect the interest of the aam admi user of two wheeler in supply of subsidized petrol by govt at all cost. Where there is a will there is a way government can find a solution to these tactics of dealers.